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Step 1

Download NetOptimizer

Download NetOptimizer

Download NetOptimizer to your Windows PC.

Step 2

Scan your network settings

Scan your network settings

Run a scan with NetOptimizer to analyse what network settings need optimizing.

Step 3

Speed up Internet connection in one click

Speed up Internet connection in one click

Run automatic Internet optimization to apply the best connection parameters.

Step 4

Browser Cleaner

Browser Cleaner

Run NetOptimizer's complete browser cleaning feature to improve browsing performance and security.

The Easiest Way To Speed Up Your Internet!

NetOptimizer is a powerful tool that analyzes your computer, checks your network, and applies the optimal hidden Windows parameters with a single click to let you get the most out of your Internet connection. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge or follow risky online tutorials to adjust hidden parameters – simply click on automatic optimization and you’re all set.

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