Version History

Here you can find and download all the archive versions of NetOptimizer.

Version – Apr 22, 2024 (Download)

  • Fixed app startup issues on some PCs

Version – Apr 04, 2024 (Download)

  • The main window can be resized using the size grip in the bottom right corner
  • Single background for all tabs
  • Display a list of parameters to be changed before the settings are applied
  • Added Ukrainian translation, updated other translations
  • Added new optimization parameter: Windows Update Delivery Optimization
  • Added new optimization parameter: Traffic compression

Version – Jan 09, 2024 (Download)

  • Added polish translation
  • Added translations for About popup (was not translated in earlier versions)
  • Added help menu (allows to open user guide in user’s default browser)

Version – Dec 31, 2023 (Download)

  • Added new feature – Speed Test

Note: on WinXP and Vista an external web page will be opened in user’s webbrowser, because embedded mode is supported for Win7+ only.

Version – Nov 15, 2023 (Download)

  • Added extended logging
  • Added automatic creation of system restore point (if possible) in AUTO mode
  • Fixed: Activation issues in Windows 7
  • Fixed: DNS reports “Unoptimized status” right after optimization was done

Version – Mar 18, 2023 (Download)

  • Improved support for Windows 11 due to code upgrade and recompilation on the latest Delphi RX 11.3.
  • Added Slovenian translation.
  • Minor UI improvements (added hints for flag images)
  • Added support for bug report generation.

Version – Nov 14, 2022 (Download)

  • Added 3 new options: Packet coalescing (Win10+), Host resolution priority, QoS reserved bandwidth
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed: NetOptimizer’s main window loses focus when it is moved by mouse

Version – Apr 27, 2022 (Download)

  • Fixed Wi-Fi profiles issues fixes
  • UI improvements

Version – Apr 22, 2022 (Download)

  • New feature: Wi-Fi passwords. This feature will allow users to easily recover passwords for any Wi-Fi profile stored on their PC.
  • Minot UI fixes and improvements.

Version – Apr 11, 2022 (Download)

  • Fix backward compatibility issues

Version – Mar 31, 2022 (Download)

  • New “About” popup
  • Added ability to remove existing license key / add new license key
  • Minor UI improvements

Version – Jan 25, 2022 (Download)

  • Added DNS name server editing feature
  • UI improvements (added shadow to the main window, dark-style scrollbars etc.)
  • Added support for partner tags (works the same as for DPC/EDF)

Version – Dec 24, 2021 (Download)

  • Added ability to run Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard from welcome screen
  • Added new “Metered connections” feature (advanced and auto mode)
  • Added email input box into registration popup
  • Added Russian translation + updated existing translations
  • Added backward compatibility with Windows XP

Version – Jun 10, 2021 (Download)

  • Added support for German, Spanish and French languages

Version – Apr 22, 2021 (Download)

  • Initial version