Slow Internet? Here are 5 Tips to Speed It Up!

speed up internet

Slow internet is always annoying, and it can drive you crazy if you experience those awkward lags persistently and have to wait for buffering videos all the time. Things get even worse when you are working from home and can’t meet important deadlines. Fortunately, however, there is a way out, and you can try a few simple things to boost your internet speed.

Here we have five simple tips to help you deal with slow internet and make the most of your internet connection.

Adjust The Antennas Of Your Router

If you have a router with adjustable antennas, tweaking them a little might help fix the problem. Usually, router antennas are omnidirectional, and they send out signals perpendicular to them. So, a vertical antenna relays signals horizontally while a horizontal one sends them out vertically.

When connecting to a router placed on a different floor of the building, one should flip the antennas horizontally. Such minor adjustments often increase internet speeds.

Reset The Router

If adjusting the antennas doesn’t seem to work, you should consider resetting the router and start afresh. It is even better to reset the router once every month to give it a break. If there are serious speed issues, you might even want to reset it every day. If you don’t want to do it manually every time, getting an outlet timer might help to reset the system automatically and restart it.

Optimize Your Internet Connection With NetOptimizer

If you want a simple and straightforward way to fix your slow internet, optimizing your connection settings with NetOptimizer is the way to go. It’s a handy tool that uses advanced techniques for connection optimization and speeding up your internet. It just takes a few clicks to optimize your internet connection settings and allows you to enjoy the best internet speed possible with your connection. You simply need to run auto-optimization to let the NetOptimizer apply the best configuration settings and restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Ditch Wi-Fi And Embrace Ethernet

We all use Wi-Fi today, and that’s great. Even though wireless connections are convenient, they aren’t always the fastest. To ensure that you get the best internet speed possible, cabled connections – such as Ethernet – are a more viable option. When using Ethernet, the signals directly reach your device instead of being relayed on over-the-air transmissions. As a result, higher internet speeds can be achieved, and you can avoid any delays while browsing.

Install A Plugin To Clear Cache

As you browse websites, your browser continuously collects information from web pages and stores it in its cache. This information is used to make your future visits to the same website faster as the browser already has images and other files from the webpage. While it helps boost your browsing speeds initially, the cache gets cluttered over time and can cause problems while browsing. So, installing a plugin to clear cache occasionally will help avoid such lags, and you will experience improved internet speeds. Try these tips today to get rid of your slow internet for good. These are all tried and tested and will work for sure.