How Fast Is Your Internet Connection? Here’s How to Find Out and Speed It Up

Did your ISP promise a blazing fast browsing experience but your internet connection is sluggish, to say the least? Want to find out how fast your internet connection actually is? Want to speed up your internet connection? Here we have the remedy for all your woes.

Run A Speed Test To Find Out Your Internet Connection Speed

Many websites and apps are available today that allow you to check your internet connection speed. The most popular of them include:

  • Cloudflare

You can simply browse these websites or install their dedicated apps and run the speed test to check how well your internet connection is performing. It’s advisable that you run the speed test several times to better assess the performance of your connection. It won’t take more than a minute to complete the test every time, and you’ll get the upload and download speed results right there.

Run Internet Speed Test On Your Wi-Fi Router

A more accurate option is to run the speed test on your wireless router if it offers the functionality. Many routers, like Google’s Nest Wi-Fi, allow you to check your connection speed through their dedicated app. You can also ask Google Assistant and it will tell you how fast the internet connection you’re running is.

The same functionality is also available in other routers like Eero, Asus ZenWifi, and Linksys Velop, but not all of them have a voice assistant to ask to.

Running the speed test on your wireless router can be the most accurate option in theory as the router is directly connected to the modem.

Download NetOptimizer To Boost Your Internet Speed

Once you have realized your internet speed and you feel like it’s a bit on the slower side, you can give it a boost with NetOptimizer. Download NetOptimizer today, and it will get you the speed you are paying for. The software relies on some of the most advanced techniques for optimizing and speeding up your internet connection. It is pretty easy to use and only requires a few clicks to automatically optimize your internet settings. You don’t need to be techy or have much technical knowledge of the internet settings to run NetOptimizer for realizing the highest connection speeds. Here is what it will do for you:

  • Boost internet connection speeds by fixing the wrong internet configurations
  • Automatically configure the best settings for your web browser
  • Clean up any internet junk that might be slowing down your web browsing experience

As mentioned earlier, NetOptimizer is an intelligent tool that requires little user intervention for optimizing internet connection speeds. Its intuitive UI allows you to automatically apply the best internet settings only with a few clicks. You just need to restart your computer before the applied changes could take effect.

So, what are you waiting for then? Download NetOptimizer now and start enjoying a stable, optimized, and faster downloading and web browsing experience.