Slow Verizon: Tips to Help You Speed Up Your Internet

slow verizon

Verizon broadband is a reliable way to connect to the internet, and it gives you significantly faster speeds compared to other options. Over time, however, you may face a slow Verizon connection and start experiencing a significant dip in speed compared to what it used to be after the initial setup. But you can always optimize your Verizon internet connection to speed it up. Sometimes, you might need to upgrade your equipment, but you can also tweak some settings to restore your internet speed. 

Let’s run you through a few quick and effective ways to deal with your slow Verizon. 

Invest In The Right Hardware

It is always a good idea to buy all the computer networking equipment from a single manufacturer. For instance, if you get a Netgear DSL modem from Verizon, and you use a wireless connection, you should buy a Netgear wireless router. 

Similarly, go for a cat6E Ethernet cable (category 6). It’s a higher-quality accessory and gives significantly faster speeds compared to the cat5E cables that come as a standard with most DSL modems. Upgrading to cat6E would mean that you get higher data transfer rates between the modem and the internet, and higher speeds are achieved. 

Clear Browsing History

Well, it’s a no-brainer. You should clear your browsing history for the websites that you visit more frequently. It’s usually the main culprit behind slow Verizon internet many times. If you use Firefox, go to Tools  Clear browsing history. 

Use a Speed Optimizer

The Verizon Speed optimizer tool can also be of great help when trying to improve your Verizon internet speed. It can be used on all the connected computers, and you can get it from the Verizon FiOS site. The tool runs different checks and helps you figure out why your internet device is not performing as efficiently as it should. 

Run a Virus Scan

Malware can be sneaky and can cause your internet connection to slow down. It continues to get smarter and can ditch even the most sophisticated antivirus software. But, if you update your antivirus software regularly, you can scan and remove the most advanced viruses and malware. With regular scans, you can easily remove any malicious software that might be causing your Verizon internet to slow down. 

Talk to Verizon

When nothing else works, get in touch with the support team at Verizon. Ask them why you are facing slow Verizon internet issues. Make sure that you first run a quick speed test to see if your connection speed is not what you’re paying for. The Verizon support will definitely have some explanation for the slowdown and will likely give you a way out to boost your internet speeds. Whether it is bumping up the fiber plan to get the desired speed improvement or some other fix, the support team will give you a solution for sure.

So, whenever you face slow Verizon internet speeds, try one of the fixes above to bring it back to normal. It will work for sure!